Lake Greenwood, South Carolina

Why choose Lake Greenwood for your next home?

For starters, the natural beauty changes the way you experience the world – literally. From awe-inspiring sunrises to sunsets that take our breath away, there is just nothing like living on Lake Greenwood. Most days here is very little traffic on the lake.

Fishermen are here year-round hauling in Bass, Brim, Crappy, and Catfish. Our fish don’t have metals like you find in so many other lakes. We are blessed to be able to eat all we catch on Lake Greenwood.

The wildlife here is incredible. Sitting on your porch, bluebirds and cardinals fly by. Blue Heron pace slowly along the waterfront looking for their next meal. Occasionally you will see Bald Eagles and King Fishers swoop over you. Deer graze in the woods and wild turkey mingle with them. Geese fly over in formation while ducks and coots swim by. The serenity and sweetness are incredible here.

We are not a “CORE” (Corp. of Engineers) Lake. We are governed by Greenwood County Lake Management; with water levels typically being exactly where they are supposed to be. We can boat, swim, and ski as we please on 11,400 acres of water and have over 212 miles of shoreline… enough to keep us all enthralled.

The culture here is laid back with sweet people sharing all this beauty. If you love golf, you have great courses to enjoy. Tennis is also prevalent here.

Our health care system is very good and our “Uptowns” are charming and have many amenities to offer. Lander University, and others, offer great continuing education opportunities and there are many events and organizations in our communities.

NO, we don’t have alligators. Yes, we have mild climates. And yes, we do have an incredible fireworks show yearly on the lake to celebrate the Fourth of July. We also have lakeside concerts and restaurants all around the lake. We are blessed. Come see Lake Greenwood for yourself.

Come for a visit soon, and you too will be LOVING LAKE GREENWOOD!

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