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10 reasons why you should use Lake Homes Realty to buy your Lake Greenwood home.

  1. We scan the entire inventory in the Lake Greenwood area.

    Sure, we all know the current MLS and Zillow listings, but we also find properties that haven’t yet hit the market. Also, we may already know the condition of many of the properties listed before your visit and recommend which ones to consider.

  2. Our team works to meet your needs.

    When we first meet, you’ll find that we spend the time to listen to your goals and needs. Although you may have already done your research, and have a lake home in mind, we can provide additional suggestions to help you compare and decide.

  3. We are held to the highest ethical standards.

    Not only do we subscribe to the standards of the National Association of Realtors®, our agency was founded and continues to be a Christian-based company that strives for the highest standard of ethics and morals. Simply said, we are honest, and we are believers.

  4. We represent your sole interest.

    Most homeowners that are selling their properties on Lake Greenwood use Sellers Agents. As your negotiator, we work in your best interest to write and present your offer. As your Buyer Agent, we have extensive knowledge of the Lake Greenwood markets and comparative values – so you can have confidence that your offer will be well represented.

  5. Our team knows Lake Greenwood lake homes.

    Our name says it all. We focus on Lake Home properties – and we know Lake Greenwood properties better than just about anyone. That’s why we’re among Lake Greenwood’s top realtors year in and year out. To achieve this honor, we’ve worked with hundreds of buyers of lake homes to evaluate properties, construction, features, waterfront location, communities, and amenities. The more you know about Lake Greenwood, the more likely you’ll make this your next home.

  6. Our Agents help you through the financing process.

    We can help you locate local or national resources and pre-qualification funding before you begin your search. Or if you are already be pre-approved, once an offer has been made, your financial institution may require an inspection and other documentation to finalize the funding. Our team works with you and your institution to efficiently move this process forward.

  7. We coordinate Lake Greenwood property showings.

    Once you are ready to visit a property, our team schedules showings for you. We support you all around the Lake Greenwood area – including Greenwood, Laurens and Newberry Counties. We have access to all the Lake Greenwood communities with hundreds of available homes.

  8. Our team writes your real estate offers.

    As your Buyers Agent, we write and distribute your offer, and possible addendums, to all required parties. Usually, closings are conducted by local attorneys. We have relationships throughout the Lakelands and Upstate area to assist in scheduling completion of all of the required documentation.

  9. Our Agents have access to approved professionals and resources.

    We can provide a list of proven home inspectors in the area prior to your purchase. Lake homes come in all sizes and shapes – and some need extra attention. Our team has a list of approved contractors who are pre-approved by Lake Management to work on Lake Greenwood properties. Additionally, as long-time residents of the area, we can provide you with recommended service companies for just about any home improvement or maintenance project.

  10. We work to keep the transaction on schedule.

    A delay in a real estate transaction can be frustrating – but can happen. To avoid this, our agents take a systematic approach to making sure that your inspections, appraisals, and contract dates are moved through as quickly as possible.

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